There are many, many special interest groups and organizations in West Michigan. There’s a group for pretty much any technology, enterprise, passion, or hobby you can think of. Whether due to lack of time or will, tunnel vision, or just plain apathy, many of these groups formed and operate in relative isolation, keeping to themselves and their shared interest. However, most people are excited about more than just one thing, so they tend to belong to many groups.

As the number of groups and organizations grow, the frequency of scheduling conflicts and topic overlap also grows. It’s not unusual to have two groups discussing the same topic just days or weeks apart. They’re needlessly splitting resources, speakers, attendees, and novel points of view. Both meetings are worse off than if they’d pooled resources and worked together on one bigger, more awesome meeting.

CONGA-WM is about helping these separate but similar groups and their members to discover and work with each other, for the betterment of everyone involved. We’re also about providing a central point of information about what groups exist and what they’re up to.

Rather than scour the Internet in search of help for learning a new skill, just hop on CONGA-WM to find a local group filled with sociable experts. If a charity needs help with their infrastructure, they can turn to us to locate knowledgable local volunteers or resources. When your user group shows an interest in something outside of your members’ expertise, we will help you hook up with people in the know.